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Sounding Artfiacts :: 2018
Sound Sculpture Exhbition, The British Museum.

An interactive sound installation and sculpture made for the British Museum in association with University of the Arts London.

The work consists of three sound sculptures, a set of interactive sound scores and performances as a part of a late night event, drawing inspiration from the exhibition ‘Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece’.

Made and designed in collaboration with Emmie Ray. This work brings together Ray's specialist knowledge in prehistoric making techniques and the reproduction of ancient artefacts, with my own contemporary sound art practices and experience building interactive, sound based installations.

Made using many of the same prehistoric methods and materials, used throughout much of the history of the British Museum collection, including some used by both Rodin and the ancient greeks, this installation draws influence from ancient artefacts, sculptures and instruments that span centuries.

Key:: Interactive sound installation, performance, sound sculpture, text scores, instrument design.

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