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An Archive with Discourse :: 2018
Exhibition, Unripe Gallery, London.

An Archive With Discourse is a multi-channel sound installation.

This interactive installation explores the crystallized nature of archives, comparing the purpose of archive material as a historic record of items that requires protecting, with their value as an active, accessible and inspirational collection of items.

The installation aims to question whether, through live interaction with archive material, we can generate entirely new works of art, directly inspired by the materials contained within them. Through the process of archiving material, do we strip it of much its artistic potential and if so, how do we create archives that protect, interact and inspire people in equal measure?

An Archive With Discourse blends live audio processing, audio samples from interviews with artists represented in the HerNoise Archive (University of the Arts London) and audio processing based on statistics taken from The Great East London Art Audit (East London Fawcett, 2012).

Key:: Interactive sound installation, performance, archival research.

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