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This website will self-destruct in 30.17 years :: 2022
Durational Web-based Artwork

This durational online artwork consists of a website designed to evenly cycle through the 16,777,216 colours within the RBG colour spectrum and emit audible frequencies across the whole range of human hearing.

The duration of the website’s audio-visual cycle is linked to the half-life of Caesium-137, a radioactive substance that is a by-product of nuclear energy production and nuclear weapons testing and will complete its cycle in 30.17 years from the date of its publication, at which point it will autonomously destroy itself.

This work presages a larger project of Radioactive Webpages that will see multiple sites with varying digital half-lives associated with nuclear events and their radioactive materials, which depending on their associated half-life, could theoretically remain active for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Key:: Web-based art, durational, nuclear culture, the post-atomic.

Website design :: 2022