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Geiger Composer :: 2021
Experimental Sound Film

Geiger Composer is a project consisting of two short films that document the engagement of a Geiger counter as autonomous sonic agent.

The two pieces are a screen recording of a desktop computer and audio recording from a max msp patch. The patch collates information from two live sources, the radiation reading from the Geiger counter and a remote reading of a sensor on the Safecast platform. A microphone, concentrated on the Geiger counter, provides a live audio input source that is filtered according to the level of radiation reported by the Geiger counter, the same technique is applied to the output audio from the board, which predominantly consists of electronic noise and fuzz, using the incoming radiation data provided by the Safecast sensor.

The other film in this series can be found here.

Key:: Geiger counter, autonomous sound devices, max/msp, safecast, APIs.

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