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Background :: "i /ut". Short Film, 2016.O :: Daniel Beck
Sound Practitioner, Researcher & Filmmaker is the homepage for London based artist and researcher Daniel Beck.

Daniel is a Techne funded PhD student at the Creative Research Into Sound Arts Practice unit at the University of the Arts London. As well as a practicing sound artist and researcher, Daniel has taken on a number of roles in the cinema and film industries, including Film Producer at Friends of the Earth, and is a former Festival Director and current member of the board of trustees at the UK Green Film Festival.

Combining sculpture, installation, live performance and experimental filmmaking through a sound focussed art practice, the work presented here aims to challenge people to consider their connection to the environment, their communities and their understanding of the world around them.

Daniel's work includes the use of audiovisual tools, web-based APIs, sound recording, design, mapping and interaction. Exhibitions include a solo show at Unripe Gallery, London and a commission of sound sculptures for the British Museum.


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