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37°N :: 2021
Online Installation

37°N was a live streamed event and durational artwork that took place on the ten-year anniversary of the Tōhoku quake in March 2021, exactly between the hours of 2.46pm and 5am local time, the day the disaster unfolded.

The piece combines archive audio, which is a sound recording from an operating nuclear reactor and the real-time, live streamed footage from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, which has been streamed live by TEPCO (the owners of the Fukushima plant) on their website, since January 2014.

Audible and visual fluctuations in the live footage and audio are triggered by time accurate, actual instances of earthquakes that struck the Japanese mainland on the day of the quake. This seismic data was gathered from a website managed by the US Geological Survey that records and tracks seismic events across the world. From this website I was able to find every seismic event that occurred on the day of the disaster.

Interruptions to the stream lasted no more than a second or two, however each one was unique with varying changes to elements such as the distortion and amplitude of the audio and the colour, the arrangement of pixels and brightness of the video.

Key:: Archive audio, durational artwork, community knowledge, web APIs, max/msp.

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